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Guests are always welcome.
Our meetings are held in Canton, Ohio at Gulliver's truck stop & Restaurant located at 1-77 Exit 101 (Faircrest St) on the 2nd Sunday of each month. 8:00am come for breakfast, 9:00am the meeting begins. Ride departs after the meeting. We enjoy taking rides, monthly social dinners and numerous special events.Some activities are for members only.
                                   Sept. 11
          8:00 breakfast
          9:00 membership meeting
          Mystery ride led by Jack T.
          1st round of nominations for election of officers.
                                    Sept. 14
          7:00 ice cream run..Dalton Dairyette on Rt. 30
                                     Sept. 22
           6:30 social dinner at Ferraro's Restaurant at Whipple &
            Navarre Roads S.W
                                       Sept. 28
            7:00 ice cream run to Big Jims in New. Phili.
                                         Oct. 9
             8:00 breakfast
              9:00 membership meeting
              2nd round of nominations for election of officers
               in November.
             Ride to Camp Wakonda on Leesville Lake for
                        ox roast. See newsletter for info.
                                     Oct. 27
             6:30 social dinner...Flipside Grill on Rt. 800
                south of East Sparta, before Crossroads.
                      We are always happy to welcome new friends!